Filtered mineral water

    Free of Heavy metals and Fluoride


Free of Heavy metals and Fluoride


What Makes Klar Different?

Klar uses the latest water filtration technology to bring you water that is virtually free of PFOAs, Fluoride, heavy metals and microplastics. Regular tap water is transformed by Klar’s unique seven stage filtration system, turning regular tap water into great tasting mineral water.

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Our Mission

We are increasingly living in a toxic world where not only our oceans have been polluted by microplastics and other toxins, but also riverbeds and large parts of the ecosystem.

It is our mission here at Klar to help reduce the consumption of plastic bottled water by providing people with a superior alternative.

Not only has it been reported that microplastics have made their way into our tap water, it has also found to be present in 93% of bottled water.

The Klar water filter uses the latest in fluoride filtration and remineralisation technology to provide you with great tasting water that is free of Microplastics and heavy metals.

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